Restaurant/ Food Paring

Our chef, Álvaro Larraguibel, recommends us the best parings for our wines.

Although there are no strict rules to pick the right wine to pair each meal, there are guidelines that help to find the best combinations. The important thing is to look for balance and harmony of flavors and sensations between both.

Sauvignon Blanc:
Ideal to match thin fish like reineta, congruous and rollizo, Dishes of marinated raw fish and seafood in general (oysters, mussels, etc...) .
It also goes very well with all types of citruses, apples and tomatoes.
For cheeses, the farm one is a very good combination enhancing the acidity of this type of cheese.

Very good company for fish of greater depth but greasy, such as tunafish, smoked salmon and grilled albacore.
it is Also the perfect company for smooth pasta with cream and butter sauces.
For fruits we choose sweet and tropical ones, like pineapples, ripe quinces and bananas.
In order to pairing with cheeses, we recommend those of the pressed- type ones like the Gruyere and Emmental.

Pinot Noir:
For this complex wine we recommend thin meats like grain chicken and turkey; it also goes very well with greasy fish, pastas, and vegetable stews or terrines.
For many plates of the French regional cuisine of the Burgundy, the pinot noir is the best partner.
For chesses we recommend goat and sheep ones.

This variety goes very well with pastas with meat sauce, lasagnas and pizzas.
It also accompanies very well the homemade preparations like ragouts.
In general, this is a wine to accompany non-fibrous meats, like the of pig sirloin, chicken and small game meats (rabbit, quails, partridges, etc.)
For cheese we recommend full-fat and half-fat cheeses.

For the typical Chilean variety we recommend a marriage with national dishes like the corn pie, humitas, porotos granados (fresh beans, corn and pumpkin) and cazuela (meat, corn and vegetables highly seasoned).
It goes very well with the seasonings used in the Chilean kitchen like cumin, red color pepper and merkén among others.
For cheeses we recommend those of rusted crust like the Brie and the Camembert.

Ideal to accompany large game meats (stag, wild boar and lamb) and different cuts of beef like sirloin strip roast and skirt.
It is also a good partner for all types of charcuterie, like salamis and cold meats.
In chesses, Edam is the perfect paring.

Cabernet Sauvignon:
it Should be presented in all barbecue ’s day, because it is the perfect company for different cuts of beef like cuberoll or ribeye, spicy pig ribs and a good fillet.
In charcuterie it goes well with Spanish sausage and beef paté.
In cheese, the choice is Gouda for this variety.

Late Harvest:
This sweet final is always recommended to accompany desserts, and it’s a very good choice. I also recommend it for a strong and salty cheese like the Roquefort and the blue one; an excellent marriage. Their contrasting flavors make them very good companions.