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Grant Phelps, Universidad Lincoln, New Zealand
Pilar González, Universidad Católica, Chile
Ken Bernards, Oregon Estate University, USA
Patricio Aravena, Universidad Católica, Chile

The winemaking staff, who are permanently devoted to the Casas del Bosque project, is formed by the following professionals: Grant Phels, Master in Science of Viticulture and Oenology at the Lincoln University of New Zealand; Patricio Aravena, Universidad Católica, Chile; Pilar González as the vineyard enologist advisor, with Ken Bernard of Oregon State University.

In January 2010, the New Zealander, Grant Phelps came to work as winemaker and chief of our vineyard. He holds a masters degree in Oenology and Viticulture; he has worked in important vineyards in many different climates such as Australia, Argentina, California, Hungary, New Zeland and Oregon. Now, he is responsible for all the different steps of the winemaking process, making sure to maintain the strict conditions that are required of Casas del Bosque products.

In 2009, Pilar González came to work at Casas del Bosque as an oenologist advisor. She has much experience as an expert in the science of wine.

Ken Bernards is also very experienced in the winemaking industry, and is widely recognized as one of California’s visionaries. He owns Ancien Wines vineyard in Napa Valley, California.

And finally, Patricio Aravena, joined the group as an assistant winemaker in January 2015 to work directly with Grant Phelps, in charge of staff training, general cellar supervision, involved in blending/classification sessions and taking care of each detail.

The four winemakers of Casas del Bosque are in charge of the consistency and high quality of our wines. They have created a unique character for each of our wines, which has led them to receive many awards over the years, both in Chile and in the most demanding markets around the world.

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