The whole Casas del Bosque production is underpinned by the philosophy of producing quality wines using the most up-to-date technology whilst preserving the traditions of the past.

Casas del Bosque uses only certified water carried through a modern drip irrigation system to hydrate each plant individually.

The entire reception process, from the grapes’ entry to the press until fermentation in the tanks, has been carefully designed to prevent unnecessary interaction with the grape, allowing a natural process to produce the highest quality wines.

The grapes are hand-harvested and on the selection table only the best bunches are chosen. Then, a second careful selection is made on a vibrating table that allows for the detection of problem grapes and the removal of leaves and pieces of stalk. The wine must is moved through a peristaltic pump, avoiding crushing the skins and seeds of grapes.

All the tanks are made of Italian stainless steel. To cool the grapes and control the temperaturas during fermentation we use a cooling system that has a capacity of 400.000 kilocalories. The same equipment allows hot water to be generated at the same time, meaning which is in a greater efficiency in the use of energy.

We have two horizontal presses with a capacity of 8,000 and 15,000 kilos. They are used to process our white varieties. For red wine varieties, we use a vertical press which has varying degrees of low pressures, allowing for gentle pressing.

For ageing wine, barrels of fine grain French oak are selected with each wines’ distinctive qualities in mind.