Committed to the Environment


For many years, Viña Casas del Bosque’s philosophy has included respect for and commitment to the environment, which plays one of the leading roles in our premium grape production.
Moreover, as of 2010 we started to measure our carbon footprint.

Sustainable systems for vineyard care.

    Twenty hectares of organically managed vineyards.

  • Undergrowth clearance using mechanical/manual tools (weed cutters – hedge trimmers) and minimum use of herbicides on less than 10% of the surface and only to treat perennial weeds.
  • Vine rows with in-row cultivation for biodiversity maintenance and to avoid soil erosion.
  • Application of powder pesticides to reduce water use and plastic residues.
  • Use of marc and stalk as organic material to improve soils.
  • Use of animal manure from the same farm that provides our soil fertilizer.
  • Care and preservation of native species; plantation and reforestation of soapbark trees and peumos (the Chilean tree species cryptocarya alba).
  • Comprehensive management of drip-irrigation water and use of a meteorological station to evaluate climate variables for improving the efficiency of resources and watering only when it is necessary for the plant.


  • Use of low-consumption lights.
  • Use of lighter Ecoglass bottles that allow us to reduce the C02 emissions associated with production and transportation.
  • Water used in the production process is treated and reused for irrigation.
  • Industrial recycling.


  • Recycling of all bottles used in the Tanino restaurant.
  • For the ingredients and supplies used in the restaurant, we prefer organic products and local suppliers who respect the environment.
  • Use of paper bags and reusable fabric bags in the Wine Shop.
  • Tourism activity called “Green Day” where children learn to care the environment and plant some native species.
  • At the Tanino restaurant we give children a small ecological book with tips about caring for the planet.
  • Sustainable architecture for our new touristic venture, CasaMirador, where water is re-used and runs on clean energy.
  • Use of recycled paper in our brochures since 2011.


Flora and Fauna of the Casablanca Valley, the terroir of our vineyards